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Company: our History since 1929

On March 23, 1929 Inaudi Michele obtained the License for Trade of groceries in his store in Busca in the province of Cuneo.

In the 50's the Inaudi family specializes in the trade of mushrooms and the Porcini mushrooms were the “King” among the other natural seasonal products.

Clemente Inaudi, the son, strongly believed in the potential of the Boletus mushroom and in the 60's he began to specialize not only in the sale of the fresh product, but also in its processing and bottling in oil.


The mushroom and the truffle, two typical Piedmontese specialities, became the focus products of the new Inaudi company, established in the early 70s in Borgo San Dalmazzo in the Province of Cuneo, at the foot of a splendid mountain setting.

From the start Clemete Inaudi implemented a precise company policy, in which importance was given to product quality, positioned at the medium-high end of the market.

This being possible thanks to the painstaking care given to the choice of the areas from which they are picked, providing the best guarantee of a top quality product, and also thanks to the craftsmanlike care that goes into the preparation of all products, from cleaning to bottling. In fact today all operations are undertaken manually according to the most ancient traditions, so as to guarantee a truly authentic product. However the company's product range has expanded greatly; offering its consumers a vast range of delicacies as well as the traditional mushrooms either natural, in oil or dried, and the black and white truffles. These delicacies include vegetables in oil, such as roast peppers with truffles or Roman style artichoke hearts, Ligurian dried tomatoes as well as various types of starters and creams prepared with care and featuring a delicious blend of flavours.


Once known as a producer of pickled mushrooms in oil, natural or dried mushrooms and precious white and black truffles, the Company has diversified its production in order to offer his clients a wide range of delicacies. Over the years, on the basis of his experience and passion for quality food, the company has specialised in manufacturing  pickled vegetables in oil, such as roman artichokes and dried tomatoes, and several antipasti and creams.
One example is our "La Tartufata", a white truffle and porcini cream imparting a rich flavour to many delicious dishes.  The range of our condiments is wide and characterised by unique parfums and flavours, such porcini and truffles  flavoured condiments.
Inaudi’ products line is enriched with fine Specialties from Italian traditional cooking: differently flavoured Tagliatelle and Tagliolini,   Polenta and Rice with Porcini mushrooms and truffles and the precious Saffron.
Among our latest products there are Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and Himalayan Pink Salt  that are enriched with scales of truffles, Limolì, Gargano lemons flavoured extravirgin olive oil, and Sweet Truffles with chocolate and famous IGP hazelnuts from Langhe.

The refined quality of all its products has made the company extremely successful, abroad also as its excellent product range has proved popular both in Europe and beyond.



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